Mods Running on the NLD Servers

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Verified Post Mods Running on the NLD Servers

Post by [NLD] Dutchxarms » Tue Mar 31, 2020 9:07 pm

The mods we are running: Glassdome 424.24 MB NLD Tactical Servers 11.36 MB MOTD 175.32 MB Tactical Armory 159.09 MB TORO Map 1.06 GB No Restricted Areas 4.18 KB Jump Shoot (v1.0.0) for Insurgency: Sandstorm 2.38 MB Macedonia 1.13 GB Highlands 576.1 MB Join Leave Message 1.41 MB Advanced Chat 135.16 KB Road To Sandstorm 1.07 GB CompoundCity 252.15 MB

Small File size
Bigger File size
Relative Big file size
You need all these Mods
when you subscribed to them ingame it will automaticly update the mods everytime they update the mod!

you need these mods to be able to play on our servers if you join our server it will automaticly download it! this may take some time!
some of the maps are big in filesize! if you have any problems let us know! Note that some of the Modded Maps on Hardcorecheckpoint will not show up because they dont work on that gamemode!


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