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! Joining NLD Crew

Post by [NLD] Dutchxarms » Sun Jan 12, 2020 1:09 pm

Hey, welcome,
yes you can join the NLD Crew! we are bunch of guys who love to play video games with each other
Like Insurgency Sandstorm arma.. or any other games.
we mainly play insurgency sandstorm.

We made NLD Tactical servers already from Ins 2014. thats where we met one-eyed. and he wanted to make it a crew.
how can you join? And are there rules?

Simply to say.

Not really. only thing we ask is to change your username to [NLD] YourName.
And you get a special NLD Tactical badge that you can place in your steam profile picture.
other than that there are no rules. we love to play video games with each other and you are verry welcome to join us!
we have rankings too! based on how long you are a member. All ranks can be found on the website too.

so do you want to play video game with us? contact us! or join our steam group chat. where we always use voice chat to talk to each other.
how do i join? you might ask. Here you can join. Copy and Paste this into your browser: Clicking dont work as we have links disabled. Hope to see you there!

NLD we Never lay down! for anyone.

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