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Post by [NLD] Dutchxarms » Wed Jan 22, 2020 1:07 pm

Hey! you wanna join the nld tactical crew?
we love to play with each other in games!

Insurgency Sandstorm is one of them!
we made the crew because One-eyed wanted us to use [NLD] Tags!
so other people asked if they could join! and yes you can!
we really dont have any rules we only ask you to use our clan tag [NLD] YourName
And a special NLD Tactical rank you use in your steam profile account!
the rankings are simple. its not about who is better. its about who is a member the longest.
you get a new rank every time you reach certain amount of time. You can see rankings on the forums too.
all we care about is gaming and having fun in nice tactical
game play! do you wanna join the NLD Crew? You are verry welcome!
Message us! or join our steam group voice/chat Channel!

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