Insurgency sandstorm state of production 5

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Son Insurgency sandstorm state of production 5

Post by [NLD] Dutchxarms » Wed Feb 05, 2020 1:31 pm

Link to full state of production NWI

A picture of the new map called: Power Plant
Looks a bit similar but hell looks good!

For a long while, the co-op enthusiasts within our community have been hankering for some updates and changes geared towards the PvE side of gameplay. Your pleas have been heard. With our biggest update ever planned for later this year (codenamed “Nightfall”) we’ll need to implement and re-factor certain aspects of the AI to ensure they are able to behave intelligently within the context of this release. This includes improving the consistency of AI behavior for both day and night maps, better-supporting new and community-created Co-Op modes, and future modes that we release to the community. I know this is just a bread-crumb trail, but I still wanted to share it, even if it is a bit early, so that co-op players know that we’ve not forgotten about them! "NWI"

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